Stracka Line App

StrackaLine is a patented technology for tracking the exact slopes and breaks of a golf course's putting greens. The best players in the world use this same technology, you may have seen the bright orange yardage books in the back pocket of nearly every tour player and caddie. These yardage books are made with the same technology and give detailed information on every aspect of the golf course but especially the green surface. 

The beauty of the StrackaLine App is it brings that same yardage book to your smart phone, allowing you not only to see every contour and slope on the putting green but even allowing you to simulate the speed of the green as well as the hole location and what might happen if you were to putt from an area of the green. 

Using a laser from the land surveying industry, the data is developed. This technology scans the surface of a putting green, collecting millions of data points. These lasers are accurate down to the millimeter and can pick up even the most subtle elevation changes. This app literally takes the guesswork out of green reading and will help you make more putts. 

New Golf Courses are being added everyday to the database, if you want your course mapped talk to your golf professional and put in a request to



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