Late Buckle

Late Buckle is a swing characteristic that is seen immediately after impact. Normally, after a player makes contact with the ball and the club releases around their body, there is a corresponding lift or standing tall into the finish position. A Late Buckle is when a player actually dips down and drops after making contact with the ball. There is usually a sudden bend in the knees (or buckle of the lower body) that is clearly visible from both sides of the golfer.

Body Preps

Late Buckle Illustration

Physical Parameters Causing Late Buckle and How to Diagnose Them:

Late Buckle is usually the result of a physical limitation. Many swing characteristics are built around physical limitations and it is almost always the case here. Any mobility restrictions in the lead hip, core weaknesses, lower back dysfunction or ankle restrictions can lead to the Late Buckle. If the player is unable to rotate into their lead hip or stabilize the large forces that are produced through impact, the knees will act like shock absorbers to lighten the forces. The problem is, this will also reduce the power and speed being transferred into the ball.

How can I test to see if I have Late Buckle?

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