Forward Lunge

Forward Lunge refers to any excessive lateral move of the upper body towards the target during transition and the downswing. Normally, there is approximately a four inch lateral weight shift of the lower body towards the target in the downswing. The upper body tends to follow the lower body with about two to three inches of movement as well. In a forward lunge, there is an increased movement of the upper body towards the target, with the upper body having more movement than the lower body. This can create a very steep downward attack angle of the club and create very high shots with a lot of spin.

Body Preps

Forward Lunge Illustration

Physical Parameters Causing Forward Lunge and How to Diagnose Them:

Several physical limitations can lead to the Forward Lunge swing characteristic. Any limitation that reduces the lower body's ability to weight shift and rotate can force the upper body to take over and lunge. Restrictions like hip mobility, glute and core weakness, ankle mobility limitations and lower body strength or power deficits can all lead to a Forward Lunge.

How can I test to see if I have Forward Lunge?

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